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Welcome to my professional portfolio. As a seasoned marketing leader, I am passionate about driving innovation and fostering connections that resonate. This online showcase presents a curated collection of impactful projects, including dynamic speeches, strategic communications, and vibrant digital content that together underline my commitment to excellence and community engagement. Explore my work to see how I blend creativity with strategic insight to deliver outstanding results in every campaign.

Speech for a Colleague

Ribbon-Cutting Event

A speech for a ribbon-cutting event focused on celebrating the collaboration and dedication that brought the project to fruition, acknowledging the efforts of the team and the community's support. It included thanks to key stakeholders, outline of the project's benefits to the community, and discussed the company's commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

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LinkedIn Posts

Team Work, Partnerships, Community Initiatives

Regular LinkedIn posts highlight various team achievements, such as completing major projects, hosting community events, or forming new partnerships. These posts often include photographs from the events, key outcomes, quotes from leaders, and links to related articles or press releases. The tone is professional yet approachable, aiming to engage colleagues, industry peers, and the broader network.

LinkedIn posts and communications; femal

In-House Publication


An in-house publication, Sol SOURCE, features articles on recent company innovations, employee spotlights, deep dives into the company culture, and success stories from different departments. The publication serves to keep employees informed and engaged, while also celebrating the company’s achievements. It might include interviews, data-driven insights, and expert opinions on industry trends.

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Product Launch

Customer Migration Communications

Communications for the launch of a new product, 'Sol's Sustainable Choice,' included an introductory letter from the CEO, detailing the vision behind the product and its importance to the company’s sustainability goals. FAQs addressed common questions about the product, its benefits, and how it aligns with the company's values. Using HubSpot, a marketing automation platform, allowed the tracking of engagement metrics to refine messaging and improve reach.

an image to depict product launch commun

Website Redesign

Website Content Management

Managing a website redesign project involved overseeing the content strategy, visual design, and user experience. The content focused on aligning with brand messaging, enhancing user engagement, and providing valuable information to visitors. It included detailed pages about products and services, blogs on industry insights, project details, and interactive elements for improved user interaction.

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